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How do I find my luxury vacation rental home through Deluxe Home Rentals?

We have built for you a convenient internal search engine for our platform; it sets the type of property, the cost and the area: within seconds you will have a selection of luxury holiday homes that meet all the criteria of the perfect one for you.


How do I rent the luxury property I'm interested in?

Once you find the luxury holiday home that suits you, click on the "Contact owner" button: from that moment you will be in direct contact with him and you will discuss all the details of the rental.


How much does it cost to rent through Deluxe Home Rentals?

Good news: for the rented user the Deluxe Home Rentals service is completely free.


Deluxe Home Rentals will ask for a percentage of the rent as is the case in other hospitality platforms?

No. Deluxe Home Rentals is completely free for the rented user and there are no additional charges or percentages on renting the home.


What is the formula "no surprises"?

The "No Surprise" formula is the solution we've been thinking to send you on a quiet holiday: the ads you will find on Deluxe Home Rentals are all individually controlled by our qualified staff. Book with us is ... no surprises! The property is really the one in the ad, the word of Deluxe Home Rentals.




Are you an owner?


I have a luxury property and I want to promote it through Deluxe Home Rentals: how do I do it?

If you want to put your luxury property on our platform and reach an exclusive audience through Deluxe Home Rentals, just fill out this form. Our Staff will contact you as soon as possible for more information.


What are the criteria for selecting properties?

Our Qualified Staff selects property owners based on their structural and functional features.


How much does Deluxe Home Rentals cost?

One of the strengths of Deluxe Home Rentals is the innovative idea of ​​a free platform for the end user; the only cost is an annual subscription to luxury property owners who will entitle to one year of presence and promotion on the portal and total control of the lease of the property.


Will the platform ask for a percentage of the rent as is the case in other hospitality platforms?

No. Deluxe Home Rentals does not require percentages on renting your luxury property.


What are the details I need to include in my ad?

For an ad to be considered valid for publication, we recommend keeping this information up to date:

Type of property


Property details (how many beds, bathrooms, balconies, square meters, etc.)

Additional features and services (home appliances, indoor and outdoor equipment, heating, other services, etc.)

Availability Period

Daily fare

Property Images (20 photos at least)


What are the areas where Deluxe Home Rentals operates?

For the launch phase we selected luxury properties for rent between Italy and France, but there is no geographical limit for inserting the property on the platform: feel free to submit to our Staff Luxury Vacation Rentals around the world.


Is there a limit when I can rent my property?

No. You can rent your property as often as you want and for the times you decide.


Will there be any brokerage between me and the user interested in my property?

No. Deluxe Home Rentals brings you direct contact with the user interested in renting your luxury property; your contacts will be fully autonomous.