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To facilitate the search for accommodation, Deluxe Home Rentals offers its users (advertisers owners and travelers), for non-commercial purposes, its online platform. The Site is a meeting place: allows owners of properties (both physical and legal persons) to advertise one or more holiday rental houses and travelers to make reservations.


For purposes of these conditions apply: YOU, the traveler or the advertiser owner who uses the website and mobile applications; TRAVELER, the user looking for an accommodation; MERCHANT OWNER (or simply "OWNER") the user who advertises real estate; SITE, the site www.deluxehomerentals.com, www.deluxehomerentals.it, www.deluxehomerentals.de, www.deluxehomerentals.fr, www.deluxehomerentals.co.uk, www.deluxehomerentals.es and its applications for mobile devices; CONDITIONS, conditions of use found at the link http: /https/www.deluxehomerentals.com/it/termini-e-condizioni.html and the privacy policy found in section privacy; RECORDING, creating a personal account;

HOME / ACCOMMODATION / PROPERTY, any property granted temporary location.


Your use of the site for purposes other than the original is prohibited. Users (both advertisers travelers owners) who violate the rules present within the conditions described below are subject to restrictions on access and use of the site. The ads of advertisers and owners traveler reviews which violate the rules present within the conditions described below may be removed from the site. It will be the discretion of Deluxe Home Rentals considering whether or not to make such limitations.


Deluxe Home Rentals is not - and will not become - part of any contractual relationship established between the advertiser owner and the traveler and not the average between the advertiser owner and the traveler. By making a reservation through the website, the traveler will establish a direct contractual relationship with the owner of the property advertised, with which the reservation was made. Deluxe Home Rentals, therefore, is not involved in any dispute that may arise between users.


The service is accessible directly to the site www.deluxehomerentals.com, www.deluxehomerentals.it, www.deluxehomerentals.de, www.deluxehomerentals.fr, www.deluxehomerentals.co.uk www.deluxehomerentals.es, by any partner sites and through any other site through which Deluxe Home Rentals makes available its services (including application for mobile devices).


All information provided by users and included here (such as comments, photographs, suggestions or ideas), are considered information transferred for free. It is the user's responsibility don't to send information that needs to be treated differently.


By publishing on the site the advertiser owner consents to the use of his / her data and contents inserted for the promotion of the property and the traveler consents to the use of his / her data and contents inserted for the review concerning the property used.


The user who accesses and / or uses the site accepts the terms and conditions described below which, together with any subsequent changes and information on the protection of personal data, regulate the relationship between Deluxe Home Rentals and any other party that use or access the site to book, view or advertise any property or that uses or accesses the site to view or publish any review. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to carefully read the conditions and information on the protection of personal data before accessing the site and using it under his entire responsibility. Without the total acceptance of these conditions, the user has no right to consult, use or use the services provided by Deluxe Home Rentals on this site.


By accessing, visiting or using the site (or using one of the applications made available by the site through any other platform, hereinafter "website"), the user (registered or not) declares to have read, understood and accepted the conditions set out below, including the privacy policy. Uploading photos / images in the system, including through a review, you certify, warrant and represent that you own the copyright to these pictures / images and accepts that the Deluxe Home Rentals can be used on its website and apps in the way it believes by Deluxe Home Rentals most appropriate.


The user grants to Deluxe Home Rentals, in a non-exclusive, global, irrevocable, unconditional and perpetual manner, the right and license to use, reproduce, show, reproduce, distribute, sub-license, communicate and make available the photos / images / reviews uploaded, in the manner deemed by Deluxe Home Rentals more appropriate.


If the advertiser owner is a corporation, an association or an entity, the person using the site on behalf of that owner claims to possess the powers to bind the company, association or institution for which it acts to the conditions below described. 


Deluxe Home Rentals does not authorize any person who does not have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts to register with the site.


Deluxe Home Rentals reserves the right to change the content of these terms and conditions without prior notice. Therefore, users are advised to read the present conditions at each access.


The user can access, print, download and save these terms at any time. These conditions are always accessible on the website through the link http: /https/www.deluxehomerentals.com/it/termini-e-condizioni.html.


The Privacy Policy pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments, found in the privacy section, is considered to be expressly incorporated in these conditions.




Access to the site is restricted to registered users. 


To register you must click on the button "Register" and enter the data referred to the following address http://www.deluxehomerentals.com/it/registrati.html   


Registration is required to advertise the properties and for sending reservation requests directly to the owner. 


The users (owners and travelers), at the end of the registration process, agreeing to receive a confirmation email. To get the activation profile of the user will click on the link specified in such email.


Unregistered users can only access the public parts, no opportunity to interact with registered users.


The user undertakes to use the personal information obtained from other users as established by these conditions and gives its consent to the dissemination of data for the ad to run, and any reviews.


The data entered through the registration procedure, not necessary for the publication of the advertisement, will be processed by Deluxe Home Rentals according to the conditions indicated in the part concerning the processing of personal data, to which reference should be made.


Account and password are personal and not transferable to third parties. They may only be used by the person who registered. The registered user is solely responsible for the use of the account. It must therefore change its password if it suspects that third parties may have obtained confidential data.


Deluxe Home Rentals reserves the right to investigate about the truth of the data entered by the user during the registration process and, if irregularities are detected, has the right to suspend and / or disable both accounts and announcements.


To advertise the properties simply access the "insert property" section. Through the same profile it is possible to create more ads by advertising, therefore, more properties. Instead, it is forbidden to advertise, through a single announcement, different properties. Payment of the subscription price is due for each individual announcement.


Deluxe Home Rentals will never ask users to disclose personal information (such as, for example, the password). The user must immediately inform Deluxe Home Rentals when third solicits personal data on the user name or password.


The user must not directly or indirectly: exploit, copy, distribute, reproduce, modify, translate, make accessible to the public or decompile, in any form, the content and data present on the site; monitor site contents or communications between other users through any automated tool; use the site, any other Deluxe Home Rentals platform, for purposes other than those permitted by these terms; use the site, its functions and its services in order to book or facilitate the booking of a property other than the one advertised in the Deluxe Home Rentals website; reproduce any part of the site on another site or another platform, using any device; upload or post any content or program on the site that could damage the computers or networks of Deluxe Home Rentals and any other computer system; include content on the site, platform, or systems of Deluxe Home Rentals that violate any applicable law, or that encourages such violations; publish or transmit false, fraudulent or deceptive information, or perform actions that may give rise to criminal or civil liability; publish or transmit illegal, threatening, offensive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, indecent, sexually explicit, pornographic or profane material; replace a property in an ad with another property without the prior consent of Deluxe Home Rentals.


In the event of any violation by users, Deluxe Home Rentals, has the right to suspend without notice, remove or delete the ad, or the account.

Users are allowed to download, view or print individual pages of the site to demonstrate compliance with these conditions.


By making a booking request to the owner, the traveler accepts and approves these conditions and any other rules or additional conditions agreed with the owner. 

Deluxe Home Rentals is, however, foreign to any agreement relating to "additional provisions" agreed between the owner and the traveler.


By making a reservation request to the owner, the traveler accepts and approves these conditions and any other rules or additional conditions agreed with the owner.

However, Deluxe Home Rentals is unrelated to any agreement regarding the "additional rules" agreed between the owner and the traveler.


By making a booking request, the traveler agrees to be contacted by the owner; to receive an e-mail containing information about the destination and booking suggestions.


The confirmation of the reservation of the advertised property is always communicated by the owner to the traveler.


By clicking on the "book" button the traveler has the opportunity to get in touch with the owner who has published the property in which the traveler intends to stay, indicating the addresses to which he intends to be contacted. When registering, it is possible for all users to subscribe to the "newsletter" service.




The owners conclude a contract with Deluxe Home Rentals to advertise one or more properties, in order to rent them to travelers for certain holiday periods, through advertisements posted on the site or on any partner sites. The owners can check the properties included in the site, contact requests, the number of visitors and the reviews related to the properties advertised.


The owners guarantee in an exclusive way that the advertised properties do not violate any regulation, in particular those concerning security, excluding Deluxe Home Rentals from any disputes with travelers.


Deluxe Home Rentals will provide travelers with only the data and / or information provided by the owner.


Deluxe Home Rentals may transfer, subcontract these conditions - with the related rights and obligations - to third parties without reducing the guarantees granted to users.


Travelers can: search for a property, exclusively for holiday periods, through the consultation of the ads published on the site Deluxe Home Rentals (the search for accommodation is done independently by the traveler); communicate with the owner who advertises the property through the addresses indicated in the announcement by the latter (Deluxe Home Rentals can provide owners with the data and / or information received from the traveler, when this proves necessary for the realization of the service) .


Users of the site undertake to access the data therein only for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the provisions of these conditions. Users are responsible for the illicit use of data.


The publication of an announcement requires minimum quality standards. All ads are subject to prior approval for publication ("validation"). Images, geographic location, e-mail, phone number and other details of the ad will be submitted to the approval process performed by Deluxe Home Rentals. Deluxe Home Rentals reserves the right not to publish advertisements that do not comply with the minimum quality standards required and the right to cancel (partially or completely) the information contained in the announcement, if the latter is considered incorrectly compiled or does not meet the requirements of quality provided by Deluxe Home Rentals.




The owner who uploads photos and images on the site takes full responsibility, legal and moral, for any claim made by third parties following the publication and use of photos / images. The Owner will only post property announcements of which he is the owner or of which he holds the necessary authorizations. The owner who publishes the advertisement declares that all the information provided is true and correct. The right to use the photos / images uploaded on the site is guaranteed by the person who uploads the photos / images. excluded any responsibility of Deluxe Home Rentals.


If the ad (or other content) contains trademarks, the owner declares and warrants that he is the owner of the relevant rights. The advertiser declares and guarantees to hold the rights related to any content related to the announcement and to have obtained the authorization of any persons represented or referred to in the announcement and of the actual owners of the goods advertised through the announcement. The owner guarantees that the announcement does not violate the law or the rights of any third parties.


Announcements must not contain false information, personal insults, no libelous or defamatory content, or any element that violates copyright or the law on the protection of personal data.


Who uploads photos / images on the site guarantees that they do not contain viruses, trojans or infected files, pornographic material, illegal, obscene, offensive, in bad taste or inappropriate, and that the photos / images do not infringe any intellectual property rights, copyright or third part privacy.


The owner who publishes the advertisement, is the only responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the informations - including rates and availability - displayed on the site, throughout the ad serving period.


The owner agrees to keep the booking calendar updated for each of his announcements.


The photographs contained in an advertisement must reproduce the property as the main element of the photograph. Images may not include persons, if the owner does not have their legal consent, or any element that may violate the law on the protection of personal data, intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties. The owner who publishes an advertisement accepts that Deluxe Home Rentals may reproduce in whole or in part any photo he has provided, in order to promote both the property and the site.


Deluxe Home Rentals has the right to edit photographs, such as increasing brightness in order to improve the quality of the advertisement. Deluxe Home Rentals will faithfully reproduce all the photographs received. However, some alterations of the original photos may occur when scanning non-digital images.


The user is responsible for the constant updating of the information entered on the site. He will be the only responsible for the provision of false or inaccurate informations and the damage that these may cause to Deluxe Home Rentals, to other users and third parts.


Deluxe Home Rentals is not able to verify and guarantee the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information provided by users. Can not be held responsible as a result of the incompleteness and incorrectness of the information provided by users (with fraud or guilt).


Deluxe Home Rentals is not responsible for the interruption of the service if this is due to failure (temporary and / or partial), to repairs and maintenance, to the upgrade. Deluxe Home Rental does not assume any responsibility in relation to the suitability of the accommodation and its compliance with the laws, rules and regulations in force, including tax. Therefore, Deluxe Home Rentals can not be held responsible for any kind of damage deriving from the lack of accuracy, completeness and updating of the information entered by the users, nor of any errors or omissions regarding the contents inserted by the same. Deluxe Home Rentals does not have the obligation to verify or control the content and information entered by users, assumes no responsibility for the content, data and / or information provided by users or for the content of external links reported by them. The contractual relationship, derived from the booking, is formalized directly between the traveler and the owner. The owner is the only person responsible for the products / services covered by the contract concluded with the traveler and the data included in the advertisement advertised through the site. Deluxe Home Rentals is not responsible for errors and / or omissions that may interfere with the success of the booking and therefore the traveler's stay.

Deluxe Home Rentals is not responsible for the opinions expressed by users on the site or on other platforms.


The service may be interrupted due to technical reasons (brief anomalies or delays in temporary services for reasons such as maintenance, safety, updating in order to modernize or improve the service), due to problems arising from negligent or harmful conduct by the user or due to force majeure. By force majeure means all events occurring outside the control of Deluxe Home Rentals.


Any responsibility of Deluxe Home Rentals to the advertiser, is limited to the amount received from Deluxe Home Rentals directly by the user in question, during the period in which the services provided by the contract have not been made correctly. Without prejudice to the limitations and clarifications set out above, Deluxe Home Rentals can be held responsible only for direct and immediate damages actually suffered by the user and due to a failure to observe the obligations of Deluxe Home Rentals.


Deluxe Home Rentals reserves the right to decide the design, layout and functionality of the site. Deluxe Home Rentals does not publish links whose content does not comply with the rules of style and terms of use of the website.


Every advertisement can only be related to a single property. The property listed in one advertisement, can not be replaced by another property. If a owner makes changes to an existing advertisement that substantially changes the ad and changes it to another property, Deluxe Home Rentals has the right to delete it at any time, despite previous validation, and to retain additional amounts provided for in these conditions.


In the event of a complaint by a third party requesting removal of ad content based on an alleged trademark infringement, copyright or competition law or the protection of personal data and / or privacy, or for any other valid reason, Deluxe Home Rentals has the right to suspend, remove, or delete the ad immediately, or any ads associated with the owner that does not prove ownership of the rights to the published ad without having to return any amount.


Up to twenty (20) photos can be displayed in every advertisement. The owner can publish a descriptive video of the property, the services offered and its surroundings. The publication of this video is done through external lenders (Youtube) whose general conditions must have been accepted beforehand by the owner.


The order in which the ads appear, can change.  Among the results of the research will appear only the properties currently available on the basis of the calendar determined by the various owners. It will be the responsibility of each owner, therefore, to constantly update the calendar of published properties. Travelers can search for ads based on different features: the number of bedrooms, the price of the stay and others. The order in which announcements appear in search results may change. The Owners, therefore, will see some oscillations in the positioning of their Announcements.


At the time of registration, the user can set the language of the site among the various available. Every user recognizes and accepts that the official version of these terms of use, the privacy policy and any other page of the site from which they can derive obligations for Deluxe Home Rentals is that in Italian.


Deluxe Home Rentals offers the ability to link ads to Google Maps. The Owner must confirm the accuracy of the address indicated in the advertisement and must accept the general conditions of Google Maps separately. Deluxe Home Rentals can intervene on the content of the announcement indicating any services and geographical features of the area in which the advertised property is located, to better identify the subject of the offer.




Deluxe Home Rentals is not responsible for any possible breach of tax by the owner. It is the traveler's responsibility to check the rates relating to the booking period of the property.


The owner will be able to agree with the traveler any costs for the non-submission or for the cancellation of the reservation. Deluxe Home Rentals is unrelated to previous agreements and is unrelated to any disputes between users.


The type of advertising is annual listing.


The service rendered by Deluxe Home Rentals to the traveler, is free. The traveler must exclusively make payment to the owner, within the terms and according to the procedures established with the traveler.


The owners who advertise their properties must make payment. Within 7 days of payment, Deluxe Home Rentals will verify the advertisement, validate and publish.


Owners who wish to advertise more properties can send a request for a quote to info@deluxehomerentals.com. Following acceptance of the estimate and payment of the agreed, the announcements will be published on the site. If an owner inserts new announcements following the normal publication procedure, the normal contractual conditions will be applied.


In order to determine with certainty the agreement between the parties, the contacts between owner and traveler must preferably take place in writing, by e-mail, certified e-mail, or any suitable support. In the event that it is not possible to determine with certainty the conditions established by the parties, to define the terms of the contract, reference will be made to what is indicated in the announcement published by the owner and in the present conditions. It will therefore be the responsibility of the owner to indicate in their advertisements all the data necessary to determine with certainty the content of the contract.


Terms and conditions for payment of the price for the stay are established by the owner and the traveler.


Payment by the owner to Deluxe Home Rentals, must be made by bank transfer or by credit card as indicated in the email after activation. The details of bank account on which to make payments are as follows: .... Only after payment will the announcement be validated and advertised by Deluxe Home Rentals.


The invoice or receipt of payment must be explicitly requested by the user, by the last working day of the month in which the payment was made. To request an invoice you must send an email to info@deluxehomerentals.com indicating company name or company name, tax address, VAT number or tax code, payment date, amount paid.


The owner expressly acknowledges and agrees that the right of withdrawal is excluded with reference to services rendered pursuant to article 59, paragraph 1, lett. n) of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005). Exclusively for ads that are not yet published on the site, has the right to withdraw by registered letter a / r., To be sent, within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract, to the registered office of Deluxe Home Rentals, indicated on the home page. The contract is concluded when the owner makes the payment of the subscription requested. The owner, after the aforementioned term, will not be entitled to any type of reimbursement in case he requests to delete the property announcement or profile from the site.




Announcements are published for the entire annual subscription period. The service period is continuous. It is not possible to suspend and reactivate the service. The subscription period runs from the date on which the announcement is published on the site, regardless of whether the service is used or not.


The publication of the advertisement on the site is carried out only after the entire payment of the price and the verification of the conent by the Deluxe Home Rentals.


The traveler can change or cancel the booking according to the agreements concluded with the owner, Deluxe Home Rentals does not interfere in any way.


The owner can change the content of the advertisement (such as the price of the property / images ...) but not its object (the advertised property). The changes to the announcement do not work towards travelers who have already made the booking. Any modification of the advertisement must, in any case, be validated by Deluxe Home Rentals.


In the event that the owner wants to publish a new property will necessarily have to buy a new advertising space and posting a new advertisement. The owner who advertises more properties through a single advertisement, must pay the amount corresponding to the already paid subscription multiplied by the number of properties illegally advertised to the Deluxe Home Rentals.


The contract is automatically terminated when the subscription expires. No communication is required from the user for the purpose of closing the contract.


The owner can renew the contract under the same conditions as the one already concluded by making the payment of the subscription before the expiry of the same.


The deactivation of the announcement and the cancellation of the profile (both of the owner and of the traveler) is performed by Deluxe Home Rentals, at the request of the user.




Relations between the parties to the contract are regulated and interpreted by Italian law. The official language is Italian. In the event of a dispute, users accept the jurisdiction and competence of the Court of Imperia and expressly waive any other jurisdiction and competence.


If a clause of these conditions (or part of it) is inapplicable or nothing is to be considered as not affixed. The other parts of these conditions will retain their effectiveness.


Deluxe Home Rentals will never give up its rights / powers indicated in these conditions, even if it does not provide for them to be exercised / exercised.


The Deluxe Home Rentals system does not keep messages indefinitely. It is therefore advisable to print a copy of each of the messages that may be important for the user.


Users who use the website, undertake to exclude Deluxe Home Rentals, its affiliates, any executives, employees and agents, from actions or requests made by third parties for damages arising from: material provided by the owner to the site; improper use of the site; any violation of these conditions.


To report any violation of copyright and any other communication having legal value, you must send a registered letter with return receipt to the address "Corso Mario Ponzoni 15 - Pieve di Teco (IM)", indicating which recipient "DC Services "Or an e-mail to the certified e-mail address deborah.toniut@pec.it. The reports of violation of copyright must contain: sender's address, telephone number and e-mail address of the sender; the details of the advertisement (text or image insertion) and the link to the Website; a declaration of ownership of violated copyright.


Complaints can be sent to the same postal address by registered mail.


Users will be considered the only responsible for damages incurred by Deluxe Home Rentals as a result of a content or program transmitted or sent by the user.


The original text of these conditions is in Italian. Every translation has no legal value.


The Deluxe Home Rentals site is owned, operated and offered by "DC Services", with registered office in Corso Mario Ponzoni 15, Pieve di Teco, Province of Imperia (Italy), VAT number 01745350098.


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